SHC on TV 2008


A new series on Discovery debuts its examination of Spontaneous Human Combustion on Monday, October 27, 2008, with 3 reruns through the week. Here's the link:

Oct 27, 2008: 10:00PM
Oct 28, 2008:   2:00AM
Nov  1, 2008:   8:00PM
Nov  2, 2008: 12:00AM

We have high hopes that this program will at last be honest and unbiased about SHC. We've invested much in it, including photographs from our research archives never before offered for television broadcast. Based on comments from the producer for Digital Ranch Productions, despite yet another attempt(s) to demonstrate the wick-theory explain-away, it again fails ... and the bottom line is that a real mystery remains.

Of course, given that this is television, what finally airs may be something quite different than what is provided to the network. So we'll all have to tune in and see, won't we?

This is the second of an unknown number of programs in the "Investigation X" series. The first one - which debuted Monday, October 13 - about 3 recent UFO events in the USA was extremely well-crafted.

For more SHC info on which this program is based, check out ABLAZE!
Signed first-edition is still available direct from us, or via at:

Sept 6, 2008: Larry Arnold will be on FoxRealityTV at midnight (EDT) and again at 2AM on the show "Extremely Weird." It again airs this Saturday, 9/6, at 11AM and 1PM EDT.

Sept 4, 2008: Larry Arnold is the featured guest on ParaHub Radio tonight, Thurs 9/4, from 10:30P EDT til???
check out this URL and navigate to the podcast or wherever else they will be streaming:

NatGeogTV is rerunning their SHC program featuring Larry Arnold: Wed, 11AM-Noon EDT.
Is it Real? Spontaneous Human Combustion [TV-PG Ratings N/A]
Wednesday, April 9, 2008, at 11A
Is Spontaneous Human Combustion the gruesome result of a mysterious fire within the body, or the misinterpretation of a rare, deadly external burn? Experts examine the mystery of people who burst into flames for no scientifically apparent reason.
Reruns AGAIN on Thurs, April 17, 3-4AM (for you up late, or is it up early, folks).

January 8, 2008:
Featured guest on Coast To Coast AM tonight is … Joe Nickell, the PhD who's never met an alleged paranormal event he could not explain conventionally (he said so!).
His topics for tonight? He "will discuss his latest work on
a) the Shroud of Turin as well as his investigations
b) Spontaneous Human Combustion,
c) hauntings and the
d) Nazca Lines."
Airs from 1-5AM EST live.
You might want to listen … or even call in.
Western US: 1-800-618-8255 (toll free)
Eastern US: 1-800-825-5033 (toll free)
First time caller: 1-818-501-4721
Wild Card line: 1-818-501-4109 (anyone can call)