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The Fire Within that Sets You on Fire

Tuesday, June 16 at 6:30 pm

    Tredyffrin Public Library, Strafford, PA 19087


What is a contender for the scariest, most terrifying and frightful spookiness imaginable? The answer is ... Spontaneous Human Combustion.
No blood, no gore, no guts. Literally. Just a macabre scene beyond belief defined by a human reduced to a pile of ashes, or the horrifying
recollections by survivors and eyewitnesses to the truly fantastic.

https://bay178.mail.live.com/Handlers/ImageProxy.mvc?bicild=&canary=XpFXrIKs6yBM1RZ7RGK0x3WQvxlFbT2wG08pSPAQALE%3d0&url=http%3a%2f%2ffiles.ctctcdn.com%2f44719448101%2fe2f99e9c-2ee9-4334-880a-239f9e0a4de1.jpgSome of the most extraordinary cases suggestive of SHC occur in Pennsylvania, including the Philadelphia area.

What did first-responders find? How do fire investigators react? Can a conventional explanation explain why

people can transform to ashes? Is SHC always fatal or do some people survive to tell a  truly too-incredible tale?

And can the quest for a solution to these macabre human blazes be linked to another great mystery - UFOs -

and a new CE category: Close Encounters of the Combustible Kind?

Join us for this free program and afterwards, the Q & A session.

Meet Larry Arnold, investigator of this most intriguing phenomenon.

Tuesday June 16th, 6:30 pm, 2015, Spontaneous Human Combustion.
Larry Arnold will present a power point lecture. This is a difficult topic for most of us to deal with. 
It is so easy to judge these reports on face value as impossible and not true. Yet after looking at the police reports, crime scene photo’s and first had experiences
presented in this remarkable presentation I am sure you will be as stunned as I was when I learned the about the detailed research Larry Arnold has done.
We are thrilled to  be hosting special guest Larry Arnold.




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